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Massive Manifestation

I teach human souls how to tap into their inner greatness, discover who they are without their fear, unhinge their selfworth from productivity, and ultimately manifest with joy & ease.

Welcome Manifestors !

I'm so incredibly proud of you for taking this huge step into your desired reality. By taking this step and investing in yourself, you have already altered the course of your future, and believe it or not, your manifestations are already well on their way to you!


Before we embark on this 10 week journey, I want to remind you that you are the universe itself being expressed in human form. YOU are the greatest manifestation there ever was, and you didn't have to DO anything to make it happen.

This is how effortless your manifestations will feel once you learn what I'm so excited to teach you in Massive Manifestation.


Above all, you will stop waiting until "some day" to live the life of your dreams. We will begin creating it from the inside out starting on Day 1. Your dream life is already here waiting for you to embody it and all that you are.


You are a limitless being and whatever you think you are capable of at this very moment is only a sliver of your potential. I can't wait to grow with you and see what you create.





What is "Massive Manifestation?"


A 10 week group coaching program for conscious souls who are ready to end the struggle, manifest with ease, and step into the fullest version of themselves.


I created this program because too many people are using their powerful minds to imagine and create undesired realities.

Their biggest asset, BELIEF, has been turned against themselves and the Law of Attraction continues to prove itself but in the OPPOSITE direction of everything they desire. 


Why do this when we can harness the power of thought and our innate guidance system to create the life of our dreams?


This program is for you if-


  • You feel stuck on how to use the traditional manifestation methods you've learned

  • It's as if you are going backwards and you feel like you are doing something wrong 

  • It seems like the harder you try, the further away it seems.

  • You've been reading all the books, listening to all the podcasts, yet something isn't quite clicking

  • You are beginning to understand manifestation intellectually but still have not integrated the teachings into your awareness

  • You "know" how it works but it's not working for you

  • You are willing to face your limits, fears, and self judgments with courage and become the most aligned version of yourself 

  • You know, deep down, that you were made for more

This 10 week journey will ask you to confront your deepest hidden fears of inadequacy to release your subconscious blocks to abundance and finally step into the powerful, limitless embodiment of all that you are.

Your 10 week journey

This is a snapshot of our 10 week journey together:

Week 1

Week 3

Week 2

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

Week 9

Week 10

Understand the nature of your reality so that you can work with the powerful present moment and get out of the past to create and attract a future manifestation your own mind can't even comprehend.

Question why your manifestations are important to you and discern whether we are moving toward them with love & hope or resisting them with fear & dread.

Diving deep into your fears and unlock the reasons why you've been holding yourself back.

Meet your shadow - the version of you that developed to keep you safe, loved, and accepted. Learn how the shadow self sabotages when we think we know what we want.

Learn how to recognize and release your resistance so that you clear your energetic channel and raise your vibration.

Practicing radical acceptance and seeing its power to destabilize resistance.

Discussion of the Law of Assumption and upgrading your identity to match the reality where all your manifestations already exist.

Learning tools to analyze our thoughts and feelings and how they create an inspire aligned action.

Rewiring your limiting beliefs with affirmations and "low resistance thoughts". Understanding the true difference between blame vs. responsibility and learning how to respond with conscious intention to ANY situation.

Living in abundance vs scarcity. Pulling it all together and learning how to trust ourselves and the process

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Massive Manifestation 3.0

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